Press: TRINITY launches new electric enduro with manual transmission

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Press: TRINITY launches new electric enduro with manual transmission -

TRINITY launches new electric enduro with manual transmission

The new E-Enduro from TRINITY - a real gamechanger.

More than 1.5 years was worked in secret on the E-Enduro.

Without much hype, an outstanding vehicle, the PANTHERA, was developed.

Almost all electric motorcycles are introduced to the market without gears and are easy to handle, especially for beginners, but give away enormous potential.

TRINITY is doing this explicitly different with the PANTHERA.

It has 4 manual gears, the gearbox was specially developed for the electric drive. This allows the torque to reach never-before-seen peak values and the higher gears make the PANTHERA one of the fastest electric enduros on the planet.

Motorcyclists don't need to get used to anything, the clutch and rear brake are in the usual places.

In the highest configuration, the PANTHERA delivers up to 784Nm of torque to the rear wheel. The performance is on par with many 450cc enduros, the only difference being that the power is already there in the lower rpm range. The power is therefore much easier to control, simply via the throttle grip. Controlling the power at the rear wheel using the clutch is still possible, but not really necessary.

The battery of the PANTHERA is quickly accessible and can be changed without tools in under 60 seconds. The battery cells originate from the automotive sector, from CATL, the largest battery manufacturer in the world.

TRINITY offers three battery sizes for the PANTHERA: 72V/40Ah, 72V/50Ah and 72V/60Ah.

But now to the most important thing, the range or better the driving time under offroad conditions.

With the 40Ah battery over 1.5 hours of driving time is possible, with the 50Ah battery 2 hours and with the 60Ah even 2.5-3 hours of driving time.

Mostly the driver needs a rest first, not the PANTHERA.

With the 15A charger (1,260W), charging from 0% to 100% takes about 3 hours. From 20% to 80% 1.5 hours charging time is enough.

In addition to the mechanical shifting, the rider has a choice of 2 electronic riding profiles. For those who want to take it easy or want to practice a bit, the Eco mode is recommended. Those who want to have real fun, on the other hand, use the Sport mode.

In the standard configuration, the PANTHERA delivers a maximum of 18kW and runs at 120km/h, with the Performance-Line, the engine even delivers 22kW and the PANTHERA runs at a maximum speed of 125km/h.

The PANTHERA has the dimensions of a typical 250cc enduro. The frame is a combination of aluminum and steel. The swingarm is made of aluminum, is extremely light and yet designed for maximum stress. As a result, the PANTHERA, including battery, weighs only 108kg. It is thus on a par with many 250cc competition bikes. Off-road, where every excess kilogram is a burden, this is an extremely important factor that most electric enduros have so far been unable to deliver.

Of course, the PANTHERA is equipped with full size enduro tires. Front 80/100-21, rear 110/90-18, but supermoto tires are also available.

The entire suspension can be individually adjusted. The lightweight bike thus scores with enormous maneuverability and maximum riding fun.

Since the entire drivetrain, including the battery, was designed for extreme conditions, even water crossings are no problem.

The subject of maintenance can be dealt with quickly. Electric enduros require a fraction of maintenance compared to conventional enduros. This not only saves a lot of time and nerves, but also cash.

The entire drive, motor, battery and transmission are practically maintenance-free.

The maintenance costs are far below those of gasoline-powered motorcycles.

Almost needless to mention that the PANTHERA is very quiet compared to gasoline enduros and can be ridden in the backyard almost day and night without disturbing the neighbors, in the local forests and on motocross tracks close to cities – more and more impossible for conventional enduros.

In the end, the PANTHERA combines more positive features than any other electric enduro and all this at a fair price.

  • low total weight of 108kg
  • 4-speed gearbox and thus extremely high power
  • high top speed of 125km/h
  • high range respectively long riding fun
  • quick removable battery

The PANTHERA can be ordered from TRINITY and all TRINITY dealers. It will be available for delivery from May onwards. If required, the PANTHERA can even be throttled down to 45km/h.

The PANTHERA is offered from 6.849€.

The first 100 buyers will receive a discount of 500€. It pays to be quick.

All further information about the PANTHERA can be found on the TRINITY website.